Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Private Thoughts .........

..... public audience.

It was almost exactly two years to the day that I started this blog. For two reasons really:

Firstly -
I was interested in the idea of blogs, the wizards available and what you could do with them. That is, how far you could manipulate and tailor the behind the scenes code (although retired, I still retained an interest in IT !).
And I knew from experience that the best way to understand a programme, was to actually use it.
So that is what I did.

Secondly -
Ever so often, throughout my life, I have tried to keep a diary.
I always loved the idea of looking back at them in years to come, and remembering in greater detail what actually happened day to day.
But each attempt never lasted.
Mainly because my thoughts arrive faster than my hand can keep up with, and my writing would deteriorate abominably.

So that is why I set up my blog. As a 'diary' to document my life with Richard and the girls. To enable me to remember my thoughts and reactions to events happening around us.

It never crossed my mind that other people might read it, and when I received comments from the few - I was always astonished yet thrilled!

The trouble is, when you have an unknown audience to your private musings, sooner or later you upset someone. And that was never my intention.

I have therefore decided that this blog has run its course and I will revert to the traditional concept - and go 'electronically private'. Of course, I have to work out how to do it first.....

This blog was great fun though while it lasted!