Thursday, 9 April 2009

Not Fair !

My recent visits to the UK, surviving without alcohol, have all had a noticable effect on me. I have lost weight.

Now I am not saying I was obese before, but compared to a local population who are on average substantially slimmer than their UK counterparts, I was carrying some surplus.

And this is always pointed out to you when the doctor you visit regularly for checkups is not only very slim, fit and handsome but also happens to be older than you even though he looks at least 15 years younger!

With our medical records slowly being computerised, Dr Castan is also able to immediately tell me on each visit that I have yet to lose even a kilo......

So today, I drove to my checkup on a high. Ready and waiting to be congratulated that my BMI had dropped quite noticably.

Except he never weighed me.

I am SO SO pissed off.


Ann Trim said...

I am sorry you have decided to stop writing your blogs as my husband and I have really enjoyed reading about your life in France.

Jacqui U said...

Thank-you for your kind thoughts - I have always loved hearing from a 'reader'!

I always keep up with your blog when I am at home - it is interesting hearing about someone else's life in the South!

Can you send me an e-mail (