Tuesday, 7 April 2009

After The Fire

Recently I mentioned the deliberate 'clearing by fire' that was taking place around our village. And I thought you might like an update.

Less than two weeks has passed, and there is very little evidence of the fire unless you look very closely. You can hardly see that it ever took place from the main road now. It is astonishing to me the amount of new green sprouts appearing amongst the burned ash. And that bushes and trees like the holme oak and indeed wild apple and cherry are untouched and blossoming whilst the bramble and unwanted undergrowth has gone. Very clever.
We were on the way back from the Supermarket when I stopped to take some photos. I had bought a packet of thyme for a recipe I am cooking tomorrow because I knew my own plants had not yet recovered from the winter.

Silly me. I must stop thinking and acting like an ├ętranger.

Look at all the wild thyme flourishing along the roadside wall, all of which had survived the recent fire and was in full flower! I grabbed a few handfuls and realised that I had wasted a few euros buying packet stuff.

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