Monday, 16 March 2009

Richard's Wine Cellar

We are having a change around in our lounge due to a change of TV.

As a family we are all avid readers and collect books. None get thrown away because our favourites are read again and again.

And so we are always short on shelving.

We decided that it would be possible to build shelves on the wall to the left of the fireplace but wood is expensive.

In the UK Richard did a lot of woodwork, designing and building furniture, but it is not a hobby he has been able to continue here because of the cost of quality wood.

I suggested using bottle containers (like we used to have in our UK kitchen) as shelf supports and buying oak planks to provide the cross pieces.

In Castorama, a small plank of planed oak cost 68euros and by the time we filled the whole wall - we would need to be millionaires!

We decided to visit a wood specialist in Beziers where they store raw tree trunks split and ventilated for years to season them. Wonder if they would sell us one or two, or are they just for 'trade'?

We were like kids in a sweet shop!

You tell them what you are looking for (oak, chestnut etc) and using a forklift, they take down the whole split trunks and seperate each tranche for you whilst you look through until you find one you like. They then quote the price based on usable volume....

Getting ready to wince, we asked the price of our selected whole tranche of oak tree, 4.5m long, 27mm thick, 34cm usable width at its narrowest point - enough for 4 shelves. And they said 54 euros. What?! Are you sure?!

And so that is what we bought, as a start.

When we got it home, we decided that the shape and markings on the tranche were too beautiful (and the price so good) that we could afford to just cut its length in half to make two shelves.And so after spending a few hours sanding it down, Richard has the makings of his wine cellar.Or, as far as the cat is concerned, a climbing frame.

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