Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Peeved Franglaises

Needless to say, both Nic and LeeLee do well in their English lessons. And also expect to do well which is where they need to learn that life is not always as you expect.

Usually LeeLee averages 19/20 and today she received back last week's devoir maison. And got 15/20.

What?! Pissed-off, she ranted furiously at Richard all the way home in the car and seamlessly carried on as she entered the house and met me waiting to welcome her home.

Turns out they had had to write a summary of all that they had covered in their English lessons so far this school year. In English of course.

And LeeLee missed off several lessons-worth from her list. And therefore got marked down.....

You try keeping a straight face in the presence of this much righteous indignation!
Nic generally averages 18/20 in her English.

But was a seething mass of gobsmacked fury when she found out that her teacher had given her only 15/20 last term for Oral - because the teacher did not think she participated enough in the class.

She should put her hand up more often to answer questions it seems. Even though we had coached her to give the others a chance to answer since they needed the practise more, and explained that she should not expect to show-off too much.

Oh well. Parents do not always know best it seems.
Today Nic and her class had a controle (test) in their English lesson.

And then, whilst the rest of the class looked at 'situation' pictures to decide what the relevant question must have been to the answer quoted by the teacher, the teacher gave Nic an extra 4-page controle.

Which she thoroughly enjoyed doing, whilst also laughing as she listened in to the rest of the class' attempts at English.

Give that teacher an apple!

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Jan said...

So glad you're back. I really missed your blog. And thank you for your kind wishes for my birthday. I had a great day but wish that birthdays didn't come round quite so often! Keep writing!
Love to everyone.