Wednesday, 25 March 2009

More Friendly Meals !

Our social life is so busy! Tonight we invited our neighbours (Christel, Eric & Juliette) and village friends (Josette & Cyprian) to dinner and it was great. Lots of food, a very moreish punch (congrats to Richard) and two new desserts that were successful.

LeeLee's boyfriend (Kevin) braved the evening with promises that there were French speakers coming plus Juliette - who fell in love with him at the last party (she is only 4 years old, so no jealousy from his girlfriend!).But she was shy, and it was not until later that she was brave enough to sit with him for a cuddle. It is amazing what an ice-breaker Disney cartoons are!! Even when they are in English.....

In my usual fashion, I decided to plan ahead and make enough of the main course and the puddings to feed two armies - so that I would have enough left over for tomorrow's party.

This retirement lark is SO tiring.
I made a walnut tart and a bread & butter pudding for tonight. Neither of which I had made before.

Since I do not actually like b&b pudding (memories of it from school) I used a slightly different recipe that puts simmered dates between the layers of buttered bread and has NO raisins. I cannot stand raisins and I am the chef. So what I like is all that matters.....

The top is sprinkled with sugar and then caramelized under a grill or (if you do not have a grill) by your husband wielding a flame thrower!

OK. So now I know that it was not a good idea to leave a rim of baking parchment sticking up. How was I to know it would catch alight......

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