Sunday, 15 March 2009

Getting Hot, Hot, Hot ......

...... but for the wrong reasons.

Yesterday I drove down the hill to Lamalou to get the bread and admired the clearing work still going on in our Commune.

As a new initiative, for several metres either side of all our roads they are clearing the terrain totally - to try and prevent fires spreading when inconsiderate travellers throw lighted cigarette ends out of vehicle windows.We are in the National Park and surrounded by the garrigue. There are strict rules on when we are allowed to have bonfires - basically, only in the midst of deep winter and snow is on the ground!

I drove down to Lamalou this morning to get bread and spotted a whole tranche of garrigue by the road that had obviously caught fire last night .....Luckily the clearing work did its job and the fire was contained - it only destroyed about 1/2 square kilometre of land.

But next time?

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