Thursday, 12 March 2009

Germanic Franglaises

Both LeeLee and Nic have the same German teacher. A teacher who likes to point out to the students when any German words they come across are derived from other languages like English or Latin.

And who likes to ask the English speakers in the class to translate what the German phrases are in English, as a comparison to the equivalent French phrases.

In LeeLee's class there is one French boy who lived in the UK for a year - from the age of zero. That is - from birth.

A point that has passed the teacher by because she keeps asking him for the equivalent English phrases before asking LeeLee. Each time he points out that gaga and googoo is the extent of his English proficiency but it makes no difference.....
The students were discussing immigrant workers in their German lesson, and learning that they are called 'Invited Workers' in that country.

The teacher then asked LeeLee what the equivalent translation would be in English. And was not impressed when LeeLee replied 'Illegal Immigrants'.
The distinction between 'I will' and 'I want' causes some confusion when a native English speaker is learning German within a French school. Both of our daughters can attest to this and their teacher always asks them what 'Ich Vill' is NOT in English.

It is not 'I will', Madame.......they reply by rote.

Today her class were translating the phrase 'I want to watch TV' from the German into French. And the teacher asked LeeLee to confirm that in English you would say 'Vatch TV, I vill'.

Knowing when NOT to disagree with an pugnacious German, LeeLee meekly agreed.....

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