Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Friendly Meals

Friends were round for a meal last week and it was one of those times when you look in your fridge and cupboard for inspiration. There was a little of Richard's home-smoked salmon left which would have been a shame to waste - but not enough for 6 people as a starter.

So line some ramekins with clingfilm, drap with some thin slices of smoked salmon, fill with prawns, chopped avocado and stick it all together with salmon taramasalata. Then keep your fingers crossed when you up-end them onto the plates..........Yummy!

After salad, we then had duck confit (found a tin in the cupboard) made into a pie and runner beans - yes, I lugged some runner beans all the way back from the UK in my luggage! Remind me why we are all putting on weight?!

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