Sunday, 8 March 2009

Deja Apparatus

How come, each time I return home from a spell in the UK, something unexpected awaits me?!

At least this time I got into the house before the girls started giving each other surprised, knowing looks......unlike last time.

We carried (OK dragged) my baggage into the lounge to unload all the goodies they were hoping I had packed for them. But even I, in my tired state, noticed that they were more interested in looking at each other and then running out to the kitchen to whisper at Richard.

Puzzled, we carried on for a while until their patience ran out and they both started speaking at the same time - asking if I had noticed anything DIFFERENT in the room.

No, I replied.

So the girls then pointed out that the huge 27 year old TV (that we have had since we first got married) was sitting on the coffee table right next to me. Yes, that close and I had not noticed.

And that a new TV was in its place.

Well I was tired and that is my excuse. No mention of eye tests please from the back row.
Flying Easyjet so often, I am getting good, VERY good, at this travelling lark.

I take very little with me and bring whole shopping arcades of stuff back.

With one hold suitcase and a shoulder bag as my hand luggage, I am restricted to 20 kg in the first and as much as I can carry over my shoulder whilst nonchalently looking as if I am not weighed down by the equivalent of the national debt.

Before queuing up at check-in, I sneak to an unmanned (unwomaned?) weighing scales and have a quick check - my hold bag weighed 19.95kg. Am I good or what?!

At check-in, they weighed it in as 20.0kg exactly! And commented that they had never before had someone who had managed to that!

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