Friday, 13 March 2009

Accented Franglaises

When Nic started at college, a Scottish boy joined that same year after having only been in France for 6 months.

We asked her today how he was getting on 18 months down the line and (other than telling us 'he is just a silly boy') she commented that he still spoke French with a strange accent......

Oh, to be able to comment from such a position of perfectly midi-accented French!! I can continue to dream that one day, I too will be there.
Nic's English teacher believes in 'stretching' her native English speaking students, rather than letting them coast along at the same pace as the French kids in their class.

Not only does she give them extra, more difficult, tests but she also marks their work to a different base.

Today's test listed 40 questions to which they had to give the appropriate answer. The overall mark was to be out of 20 which meant that each question carried half a point. Unless you were English.....

Nic was not impressed to find out that she only scored 18/20 because she missed ONE WORD out.

For one question, the answer was 'During the game, we were all screaming'.

Nic realised that she had mis-spelled the last word, and tippexed it out. But forgot to go back (when it had dried) to write the correct word over the top.....and the teacher deducted two whole marks!

Hee Hee!

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