Thursday, 12 February 2009

Ups & Downs

Wondering why I have lost weight (subsisting on plain meat & veg) whilst the rest of the family haven't?!

Could it be the maple-cured bacon that Richard has been making at home whilst I have been away?!

They have been enjoying pan fried home-cured bacon in fresh baked baguette !!!So of course I just had to bring back some pork sausages from the Farmers' Market where I stayed in London.........
Richard asked me what I would like to eat on my return....and I opted for 'nothing plain' and French cheeses. So the first night we had a delicious homemade curry, and for lunch today Richard produced some ripe Brie de Meaux and a gooey St FĂ©licien - so gooey it had to be put in a bowl by the end of the meal.
And Richard and the girls had.........a strong cheddar with malt-vinegar pickled onions and a smooth stilton. Happiness all round!
Flying with Easyjet out of Gatwick, my hold baggage allowance was 20kg plus unlimited hand luggage provided the bag fitted into their 'cage'. Now that was a challenge I could not refuse.....

It is amazing what you can carry/lug around London when you have too!!

I weighed in at 19.9kg (bag, not me!) and carried on a shoulder bag that left me with aching muscles for days.

It is amazing what English sweets and cheese, pickled onions, sausages, hot cross buns, Chilian (carmenere) and Italian (amerone) wine weighs!

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