Monday, 9 February 2009

LeeLee's Middle Name......


Anyone following our fairly uninteresting life will know that our eldest daughter is in the middle of the very complex process of applying to universities - in both France and the UK.

After many years of yearning to get started on Uni life in London, last year it hit her that she will find life there VERY different to the life she LOVES down here now. And so LeeLee has been voting for French Uni, including a two year course at a prépa.

Being parents, we encouraged her to keep her options open for as long as possible and to apply through UCAS as well......and with much nagging, she just made the deadline by couple of hours. That's our girl.....

And guess what?! Her top choice came back with an offer immediately! And I mean - within a couple of days of LeeLee pressing the GO button on the online application process!

Yes - the Royal Holloway University wants our daughter. Are they desperate for students on their Mathematics & Management course I hear you all ask?!

Even more surprising, they have offered 13/20 in her Bac General with 13/20 in her speciality Mathematics.

LeeLee is now going round the house on cloud nine and absolutely over the moon that they not only want her, but that she does not even have to get a very high mark......

As parents we have pointed out that she does have to actually GET these marks....but LeeLee has not quite grasped that fact, we think!

There is something about being wanted....she now thinks that maybe UNI in London might be worth reconsidering.

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