Sunday, 15 February 2009

Getting to French Uni

With the UK UCAS system we were fairly up to speed. The student chooses five universities/courses and completes the application on line. And waits for any offers forthcoming.

In parallel, LeeLee is doing well and actually getting to grips with the French process for 2009 - much to our amazement!

A student has an automatic right to go to a French University if they pass their French bac (ie get 10 or above out of 20, overall). However, the exams at the end of the first year, the second, etc at Uni are VERY difficult and students are chucked out then if they do not meet certain high criteria.

To get to French Uni is a complex process.......or seems so to us anyway!

First Deadline: 20th March
By that date the student has to have made known his/her 'wishes'. You make 36 'choices' in your preferred order - specific courses and specific institutions eg university, prépa, lycée professionelle, etc.

Second Deadline: 20 April
The student must have sent a copy of their dossier to all their choices. The 'dossier' will be specific to each choice - not the same for all. It will detail all their education history, school reports etc as defined by each choice. Some will want ALL your school reports going back through the years whilst others will just want copies of your lycée reports.

First Stage: 9-12 June
You will receive one definite offer from one of your choices. You do not receive any refusals, just offers.
You have to answer either:
1. Yes.
2. Yes But.
3. No But.

Answering (1) blocks offers from any other of your choices. The institution that made this offer, is where you will go.
Answering (2) blocks offers from any 'choice' below the institution that has made this first offer ie if the institution that was fifth on your list of choices, made this offer - answering 'Yes But' means you can only accept a subsequent offer if it is from one of the institutions positioned 1-4 on your list. Any offers from institutions 6-35 are blocked and you never 'see' them.

Second stage: 20-23 June
More offers arrive and you respond.

Third Deadline: 16 July
The student must have answered at least one offer with a yes, or you are thrown out of the system.

The final bac results are published 14 July and the student has the option of a maximum of two rattrapages. In loose terms, a re-examination if their results are not good enough, either overall or in specific subjects.

A rapprapage is ALWAYS an oral exam irrespective of the subject and can boost your result by a maximum of 5 marks. It is however VERY rare to get the full 5 (more usually an extra 1-3 marks are obtained if you are very lucky) since you can imagine how difficult it is to impress an examiner 'orally' in say Mathematics!

So wish LeeLee luck......

Apologies for any errors in my posts about the French education system - we are learning! Please do not take it all as gospel truth!

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