Monday, 16 February 2009

Get Real !

Following her great offer from the Royal Holloway University, LeeLee has been on a high and eagerly awaiting her next offer through UCAS......she never has been one to doubt that she is wanted!

When selecting her five UK Uni choices she primarily looked at those that ran a Mathematics course combined with Management or Finance and then at the 'standing' of the universities themselves.

Very much a realist, LeeLee knows she will need to work in order to be independent as an adult and she wants a long-term career. And, if possible, a well paid one in business! That is what comes of growing up with two working parents and a mother who successfully climbed the corporate ladder without any problems being female.

So her course and university choices were selected to 'impress' future employers - let's be honest, getting a job is becoming very much more difficult each year and she has no intention of living off her parents. Thank goodness.....

The girls were born and brought up near Guildford in Surrey and LeeLee in particular has fond memories of this town - albeit mainly the shopping centre!

And so she selected Surrey University as one of her choices. Not actually a very well thought of uni, especially in terms of the sciences, but somewhere that she knew she would be comfortable living.

And their offer came in yesterday. They want 16/20 overall and 17/20 in Mathematics.

Get real! That is a higher offer than Cambridge University! Who do they think they are......

....well certainly a uni that LeeLee has no intention of going to now!

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