Monday, 26 January 2009

Where There's a Will .....

....... there's a way!

Cat biscuit is more expensive than dog biscuit, per kilo.

It is obviously more expensive to make something into smaller morsels! Either that or the producers think that cats are more discerning and have to have better ingredients. Well, let's be honest, dogs eat anything whilst cats are fussy.

Or so I have always thought.

Smokie will not eat anything raw. Offer her uncooked fish, prawns or meat - and she stalks off in a huff because she thinks you are trying to poison her.

Her normal biscuit contains morsels in four different colours - dark brown (meat flavoured?), light brown (more meat?), green (vegetable) and beige (cereal). And since she considers that she is a Midi meat-eater who will put up with veg, she always leaves the cereal.

We have to leave it in her bowl for at least three days (refusing to top it up) before she finally gives in and eats it.

Being a sucker (or just a shopper who forgot his glasses), Richard bought her an alternative 'flavour' of biscuit this month.

And she is refusing to eat it at all now!! However long we leave it in her bowl.

Amd then we found out why she was not withering away into an unfed skeleton........Yes, that is the dog's dinner bowl she is standing in. With her head, shoulders and front two legs deep inside the dog's bag of biscuit!

Having taught Xena that her life would not be worth living if I ever found her nicking biscuit out of the bag - she was sitting, just out of sight of this photo, almost in tears!

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