Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Pre-Emptive Strike

Before anyone starts to mention that only blogging about our cat, dog and the children is boring to read - I wanted to point out that not much actually happens down here in the middle of the countryside.

Other than to the aforementioned cat, dog and children!

I could of course mention that LeeLee visited her boyfriend this weekend. The boyfriend who turned out to have 'le gastro'.

I could go on to detail the number of times she threw up herself before we finally agreed on Monday that she really was not well enough to go to school and infect another hundred friends when she 'bisoued' them!

I could mention the fact that her mother was then up all night sitting on the throne having obviously gotten too close to her sick daughter!

But then - that would have been boring as well, wouldn't it! And stomach churning!

Before anyone asks - I did not rush to get the camera when LeeLee was worshipping the porcelain-bowl God. I am not that callous a blogger, desperate for stories to write about!

Unclean! Unclean!
Even loving parents do not want their daughter getting too close when she has 'le gastro'! PPPS
Note to parent. Point out to child that snogging someone with an obviously contagious bug, is NOT a clever thing to do!

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Alex said...

Be worried Jacqui! Be very worried.