Friday, 16 January 2009

Getting the Knives Out

When we did our wedding list (all those years ago!), we chose a set of cutlery that we liked.

We were given 4 complete place settings as presents and (when we could afford it) gradually added some ourselves.

Then, one short of a complete canteen, they stopped producing it! Were we annoyed or what.

Moving on several years, we looked everywhere for a good quality cutlery design that would hang up (because I hate everything stuffed into drawers). And finally found one in John Lewis. Surely now we could build up a full set!

You guessed it - after collecting nearly, but not quite, 12 place settings - it was discontinued!! Now we were FURIOUS because no one did anything even remotely similar even though we searched the Internet incessantly.

Then this Christmas we opened our present from my eldest sister and her husband (thank-you Lesley and Steve!) - and it was a cake knife and slice that EXACTLY matched our hanging cutlery. Unbelievable!It was from a charity organisation called Tearcraft that has set up workshops in India to produce a range of items for sale.

I was on their web site like a shot hoping to be able to buy the items we are missing by unfortunately they only do a few in this style.

So we are still looking - if you know of any cutlery like ours, please contact me!


Annabelle Walker said...

Check out

Kind regards

Annabelle Walker said...

Hi again


Suggest you search for "knott cutlery" "knotted cutlery" "loop cutlery" or "looped cutlery".

These seem to bring up quiet a few hits.

Good luck.

Jacqui U said...

Annabelle - thank you for this. Foolishly we had never searched for 'knotted' or 'looped' because the cutlery had been described very differently originally.

And sorry it has taken so long for me to catch up on 'comments' - I am away so much now it is getting tricky to keep up with the blog. No computers where I stay.....