Sunday, 25 January 2009

False Meconium Syndrome

A recent medical study has concluded that eating blueberries every day improves your memory and significantly slows down (and indeed inhibits) the onset of alzheimers.

Wow! Impressive or what!

There is one catch however - you get 'false meconium syndrome'.

Yep! In layman's terms, you get black pooh. Similar in colour and texture to that which new born babies produce.

Well, just to be different, our dog will have 'false meconium syndrome' by tomorrow. I can guarantee it.

Not because we have force fed her blueberries, but because she tugged and tugged at a tissue sticking out of the kitchen bin whilst we were out. And managed to get hold of the black wax coating that had sealed a tasty cheddar cheese I brought from the UK. Well sucked, we expect it to reappear tomorrow in the garden.......

Look at that Little Black Bomber from the Snowdonia Cheese company in Wales! A delicious cheddar, if you ever get the chance to try it!

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