Saturday, 31 January 2009

Boxed Memories 1

Last year my Dad sold up his bungalow and everything had to be sorted through. Since he is now in a care home permanently, not much could go with him Luckily he is not a hoarder like my Mum used to be and is very practical. Not a lot went with him!

But the rest of us chose items that we wanted to keep. Most of the family are good like Dad but I am sentimental and knew there would be things that would come with 'memories attached' for me.

My sisters and brother were great - boxing up everything until I could be there to go through it all. Lesley's garage was filled up!

At Christmas, because Richard and the girls drove over, he was able to bring back the boxes for me........and I have (this last week) started sorting through them. With help from the girls of course!! Looks like they are chips of MY block rather than Richard's! They wanted 'everything' that Nanna and Grandad had collected over the years!

The next few posts are dedicated to some of the things I came across........
My Dad was born in 1928 and celebrated his 21st birthday in 1949.

And, would you believe it, we came across a few of his 21st birthday cards! There was one from his Mum/Dad, one from a workmate (Bob) and one from his cousin and her husband (Mary & Charlie).

And (very special) one from his fiancée - our Mum!

This means his Mum, my Nanny, must have saved them all the time until she died, through at least one move that I remember.

And then my Dad/Mum must have also, through at least two moves.

Incredible! I do not think I have kept even one of my 21st birthday cards!

Dad's cards were so pretty and detailed. Not at all like today's ones. The girls and I thought them lovely, and definitely worth saving since two generations had already taken the time and effort to keep them safe.

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