Monday, 12 January 2009

Back Again

After three weeks in the UK, I flew in yesterday afternoon and have been catching up on family life again. School runs, shopping and the glorious sunshine!

As I emerged from Montpellier airport I was wearing short sleeves and thinking summer had arrived early.

When I left, it was like this..... In England it was BITTERLY cold - and snowed. I got wind/frost burn on my cheeks - face, not behind, in case you were wondering. And I came home to this..... Need I remind you why we emigrated?!
LeeLee has just started her Bac Blancs. Her mock exams. Philosophy and Chemistry/Physics today.

There she was, writing away, when she noticed that whilst she had completed two sheets (both sides), everyone else was on their fourth.......PANIC!!!!

Then she realised - she had forgotton that, because the exam paper provided for the exams is petit carré (rather than grand carré), she was meant to leave one line free between every line of writing.

Good grief - we think she would forget her own head if it was not held in place by Richard's woolly hat!!
For any person sitting A'Level mocks at the moment......the exam paper for the Chemistry/Physics Bac Blanc was 14 pages long! It was three centimetres thick!

LeeLee nearly fainted when she saw it!!
I have been away for three weeks.

During that time, Xena has remained convinced that I was actually in bed. All the time. And therefore, her place was in HER bed, UNDER my bed.

Even though Richard, in exasperation, actually picked her up bodily and SHOWED her that our bed was empty.

She refused to get out of HER bed each morning. As far as she was concerned, her place was with me. Even if I was in fact one thousand miles away.

He resorted to putting the lead on her and dragging her out and down the stairs.

There is only one word for this - DOH!


Lesley said...

Welcome back! It was great to see Richard and the girls on Christmas Eve - what a pity that we could not work in for you to come to lunch as well. I hope that you enjoy being home - and get time to do some of the puzzles! xx

Alex said...

Good to have you back.

WhereDunnit said...

Happy New Year!

It must be lovely to be home again - and in the warm .... with real, actual sunshine!