Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Chilly Toes & Gobble Gobble

My hands and feet are naturally cold - and I get quite uncomfortable if they get warm. Especially my feet.

I now know that the cold weather has well and truly arrived here because last night I found I had chilblains in all my toes on my left foot. As far back as I can remember, I have had chilblains each winter.

I mentioned them to Richard and he was suitably sympathetic - but said that he did not know what they felt like because he had never had them! Now that is not normal is it?!
Guess what?! Christmas is going to be a good one....

....whilst in Intermarché yesterday to buy another whole salmon (to make gravlax, keep up with the story!), Richard saw that they had some turkeys!

Yes, real fresh turkeys! So one went into his shopping basket as quick as a flash - they only had four!And at Les Halles, would you believe, we found some super looking parsnips and swede - so that is our veg basket filled up for the winter!

It is the little things that you miss.....

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