Monday, 1 December 2008


Just as the girls were going to bed last night, they formed a deputation and came to check: You have remembered to get us Advent Calendars, haven't you?!

Given that they are 12 (going on 25) and 18 years of age, I said: Surely you are both too old for them?!

Nic immediately stated that since LeeLee had had one when she was 12 years of age, Nic ought to have one!

LeeLee replied that it would be unfair if Nic had one and not her.

And so they went off to bed grumbling to each other.

This morning, happiness reigned.

I remembered where I had hidden the Advent Calendars a month ago (yes, I have been known to forget where their presents are secreted around the house!) and they were delighted to eat a minuscule morsel of cheap chocolate before going to school.

Ah! Christmas is coming!
My brother and his wife kindly sent the girls English magazines as 'alternative' Advent Calendars - and they were thrilled. Thank-you so much, Sue & Pat!

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