Saturday, 1 November 2008

Wind In The ........

.......... pantiles!

We have had a gale-force wind blowing all night and throughout today. No rain. No thunder & lightening. Just wind.

I would not have believed it could be SO NOISY!

Incredible! It kept us both awake all night long, hearing the marine howling up the valley, buffeting the house and causing the tiles to ripple across the roof like waves on a beach. Constantly, all night long.

God, I need a siesta today. If only it was quieter.

So that is us today. Shutters shut, fire on and all our hatches battened down.

Autumn in the South of France. Bring your woollies and ear plugs.
We had stacked all our chairs in a sheltered corner of our terrace and made sure there was very little to be lost over the walls into our neighbours' gardens. Next morning, the chairs were the other side of the terrace and it is amazing what you do not realise you have that can end up in your neighbours' garden! Like several bottles that I use for candles. Unbroken as well. They make wine bottles to last down here!

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