Tuesday, 4 November 2008

What Seems So Simple....

....invariably gets complicated in this household!

There we were giving the kitchen a spring-clean. It is amazing how finding weevils in your flour concentrates your mind.

The 'weevil' cupboard is now only for things in jars. And the next cupboard along was getting a thorough sort through. Guess how many old spice jars etc we had?!

Then I remembered that we had once bought a spice rack but never built it.

Then I asked Richard if he thought it would be something we could make use of - thus enabling us to clear out the current cupboard and give it a good clean.....

Seemed such a great idea.

First problem, the spice rack needed to be built. But that is what husbands are for!

Then it was an itzy bit bigger than we remembered. And there was only one wall in the kitchen where it would fit.

Doesn't it look great?!Only problem - what to do with the clock and the paper/bacofoil/clingfilm dispenser that was on this wall.......

OK. The clock went up here. Only trouble - we all keep looking at the old wall!Then the dispenser. Trouble is - there are no other walls with enough space for it. Finally Richard said it could only go beside the window.

OK. That works. Except that the wall is lined with chestnut panels. Rock hard chestnut panels.So Richard now has a very sore wrist from screwing in the fittings!

But then again - that's what husbands are for! Isn't it?!

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