Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Welcome Home!

Richard's sister kindly dropped me off at Stansted airport in plenty of time for my flight this morning - having warned me about the diabolical queues that have been plaguing travellers trying to get through security there.

Don't know about everyone else, but I obviously look VERY honest.

No one stopped me.

No one weighed my bag.

No one opened my luggage.

They all just waved me through.
Richard & Nic met me at Carcassone; en route we picked LeeLee up at college and I was happy to be home.

The girls said they missed me - even though they had spent HOURS on the phone each night telling me all about their days (minute by detailed minute!).

And then asked what English delights I had brought them!After ogling all the sweets (Refreshers, Dolly Mixtures, Polos, Fruit Pastels, Wine Gums, etc), drooling over the Terry's Chocolate Oranges and reminising over the Prawn Cocktail Flavoured Skips.....they gave me lots of hugs, and asked when I would be going back to the UK again.

Don't think they will be worried if I go to work there, on and off, provided I do not use up all my luggage allowance with clothes!


Ann Trim said...

Congratulations with the job offer. Lovely to have you back blogging.

Jacqui U said...


I now need to get through the next stage....I don't think I am a criminal though!