Monday, 24 November 2008

Weary Traveller

With the exchange rates hitting our income heavily, I have been investigating job options back in the UK and have an interview tomorrow in Surrey.

So off I am travelling the world, you might say.

Planes, cars and trains - that has been me today.

Excellant trip with Easyjet to Gatwick from Montpellier.

Shame about the uncouth British two-family group that were on the plane - straight out of central casting as the 'anti-frog' brigade. Made us embarassed to be from the same country.

However, they were put in their place quite delightfully by a dapper elderly Frenchman who spoke perfect English.

Whilst they were pushing and shoving me and several other people (all the time loudly proclaiming that it was unfair that the French were being given priority boarding ahead of the English), this charming gentleman turned to me and said 'Ladies first - please go ahead of me'. That shut them up, until we got on the plane anyway.

But I can tell you, NOTHING would make me work as a steward on a plane!

With the interview tomorrow, I found a guest house close to Gatwick airport for the night and I was actually very impressed with their service.

The free pick-up at the airport was prompt and they had already investigated the train/station options for me to ensure my free return journey tomorrow would get me to my appointment in plenty of time.

Since they had a triple room unoccupied, they had upgraded me at no extra cost from my single/en suite. All for an inclusive price of £40. Not bad at all, I thought.

So if you are in need of a room, breakfast, free airport transfers, and helpful servive near Gatwick, try the Springwood Guest House.

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