Thursday, 6 November 2008

Tizzies & Tranquility

First day back at school. What joy.

LeeLee is not at her best in the mornings. Especially on the first day back after a holiday and certainly not if it is before midday!

That is why Richard deals with the girls in the morning!!! I have not that amount of patience.

I get up when our first alarm goes off at 5:50am. And wake Nic so that she can go in the shower first - LeeLee takes absolutely AGES!

Five minutes later I wake LeeLee, get a grunt, tell her to buck up and get moving...and then I go back to bed.

Richard gets up when the second alarm goes off at 7:00am, makes the girls' packed lunches, yells at LeeLee three times before she will get off the loo, and pushes them out the door just as the school bus is about to give up on them and leave.

Then he comes back to bed and we pass out for a couple of hours.

It is a hard life!

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