Monday, 10 November 2008

A Tearful Evening

I am as blind as a short-sighted bat, and therefore I wear contact lenses.

Special ones that I keep in 24/7 for two months and then throw away. My eyes are very un-sensitive and I totally forget I am wearing lenses.

However, when I change over the lenses every second month, I have to give my eyes a rest and wear glasses for two days.

And I HATE glasses!!

Glasses are expensive and I only have to wear them for two days every two months - that's only 12 days in any year.

So when I lost my glasses a few years ago, I decided that I was NOT going to waste money replacing them for just 12 days a year - I would make do with my prescription sunglasses. Call me a miser if you wish. Whatever.

Only problem is, my sunglasses are VERY BLACK sunglasses.........

......and so for 12 days a year, I go round looking like the Blues Brothers irrespective of how sunny or overcast the weather is. Even in the dead of night, I am wearing sunglasses.

And, as you can imagine, I am a great source of amusement for Richard, the girls and just about everyone in the village, the local supermarket and anywhere else I cannot avoid going.

Now I am the official 'onion chopper' in our household. Always have been. Always will be.

Because I wear contact lenses, I do not notice the usual problems when cutting up onions. Chopping them has absolutely no effect on my eyes. I do not weep. I do not cry. I feel no pain.

Until I forget that I am wearing glasses instead..........and then I howl pitifully, with tears pouring down my cheeks!

Whilst Richard and the girls look on in amusement, with no sympathy what so ever - and Nic runs for the camera!Yes, very funny, ha, ha.
Think the recent storms have done for our one and only aubergine plant.

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