Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Serious Patience Required

Interview day.

I had forgotten how difficult people can be - or rather how many not very bright people there in the world.

Four ladies were called for an interview today. Five turned up. Three from Spain, one from Scotland and myself.

I should have realised there and then that it was not going to go to plan. The extra one had travelled from Spain for an interview that was actually not until NEXT week! Good grief!

The first 15 minutes was for completion of the request form for a Criminal Record Bureau check. One hour later and we were finally getting there - the Interviewer was just about retaining her sanity through clenched teeth and a smile that had become fixed and rigid.

We had all been sent a letter detailing EXPLICITELY the documentation we had to bring, and the payment method required for the CRB check (UK bank cheque or postal order, card details on the back; no cash accepted).

If I tell you that I was the ONLY lady who had actually brought the right stuff - you should have some idea of the trouble the poor Interviewer had with the others.

They did not comprehend the idea of the CRB check at all - that it is based on your current address and that all supporting documentation must be for this address and in your own name.

Forgotten your passport (left it in the hotel) - no good, ID required.

Forgotten your driving license - no good, impossible therefore to be registered as a driver.

A bank statement for an account in only your husband's name - no good.

A utility bill in your parents' name because you have recently moved back to live with them - no good.

A UK driving licence with your old UK address on it even though you have lived in Spain for the last eight years - no good.

Documentation based on the UK address of your son even though you have lived in Spain for six years - no good.

Cash offered in Sterling or Euros - no good, not accepted by the CRB.

UK cheque with no supporting cheque card - no good, not accepted by the CRB

I could go on, but I think you are getting the idea.

I do not think I am particularly unusual - but I can at least read and comprehend written instructions!

Two days after I got back home, I received an acceptance letter from the Company. I would love to know if any of the others got through!

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Congratulations, Jacqui!