Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Sad But True

The last day of the holidays, and the girls are in a panic.

- Must tidy bedrooms.
- Must do homework.
- Must find all our school stuff and pack our bags!!!!

And then the phone rings. LeeLee's boyfriend and his best friend invite LeeLee and Nic for a surprise picnic.

But it's raining?! Oh well. Whatever.

The surprise was ...... it wasn't a picnic, of course!

No seriously - they were taken to McDonalds, and the surprise was that Ronald the Clown was there! Yes! I can hear you all getting REALLY jealous!!

The chaps were over the moon at having an excuse to be there to see Ronald. Not sure that Nic counts as a child though.

Anyway, the girls sat in general embarrassement whilst the two boys put up their hands to answer every question in order to win 'prizes'. And whilst the boys sang along to every song, and generally joined in with all the little kiddies. Even pushing to the front when the gifts were being handed out!

Finally LeeLee reminded them that Mum & Dad had INSISTED that they were back by 15:00 in order to get ready for school tomorrow.

Neither Richard nor I remember saying this - but LeeLee ASSURED US THAT WE HAD!!!!!!

And guess what?! After dropping the girls off at home, the boys went back for the second performance of Ronald the Clown!

Have I ever mentioned before that there is not a lot for young people to do around here.....

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