Monday, 3 November 2008

Late Nights Or Early Mornings

With no school lessons to occupy themselves, the girls seem to be dwelling on their stomachs all this holiday.

How can two daughters be so hungry all the time?!

Long lie-ins. Then it is a case of trying to fit in both a breakfast and a lunch into the short length of time before they come and ask 'What's for tea, Mum?'

Out come the recipe books and their good old Mum spoils them with something home-made and sweet.

Queen of Puddings.Bread Pudding. PS
Bread pudding needs to be left to soak up the milk a lot longer when you are using up old baguette!! My Mum never had this problem when she made it for us as a treat.

And who was the clever Mum who brought back mixed peel from the UK in her hand luggage?! Only 59 pence a pot from Tescos whilst very expensive and VERY difficult to find here.

So something else you can all bring us from 'home' when you visit......
The girls are enjoying not having to go to bed at 21:00 in order to be vaguely awake for school.

We are getting to watch late night programmes and sitting up chatting into the early hours of the morning. That is - me and the girls are. Not Richard. He still goes to bed ......

Last night, Nic asked if we could play cards.

It was already 23:00 but so what.......I finally managed to thrash them at Newmarket at 2:00am and went to bed happy!
This last week, we three have been watching the 'Embarrassing Teenagers' health programme. And quite fascinating it has been to us all.

If you could get over the perpetual 'Ew, gross!' from both LeeLee and Nic when the close-ups of the parts of boys that very seldom get washed came on......

The biggest eye-opener was the fact that the UK has FIVE TIMES the teenage pregnancy rate of Germany and THREE TIMES that of France!

We discussed and dissected this for hours. How on earth, with a generation exposed to full disclosure and information on sex, pregnancy, contraception and STDs - can this be possible?!

The girls came to the sad and astonishing conclusion that it must be due to alcohol consumption. They thought the pregnancy statistics were horrifying given that these figures detailed pregnancies that went to term - and excluded those that were countered by the morning-after pill or an abortion.

They could not understand how teenagers could be so reckless and unappreciative of the consequences of their lifestyle.

The programme set up to interview the new students starting at the University of Manchester for this academic year - and struggled to find ANY who had NOT had unprotected sex. Virtually all of whom, had no accurate knowledge of the various STDs.

As a parent I found it horrifying and baffling.

As the parent of LeeLee and Nic I was impressed with THEIR knowledge and views on these topics. I am proud of my girls!
LeeLee was out at a party on Saturday night.

One of her friends was celebrating her eighteenth birthday with a big get-together of school friends at the village hall in Hérépian.

Two of the many teenagers at the party got very drunk. That is - two out of the 40+ teenagers that were at the party.

And those two have been getting some serious stick since then.

Says it all really. Life down here is very different.

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