Sunday, 2 November 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

Yesterday evening, whilst the wind was still howling round our village, Richard mentioned that it was unusual for Meteo France to be so wrong. Where was the rain and thunder & lightening that they claimed we were in for?!

Well, it arrived during last night! Thank-you very much, Richard!

As the monsoon rain hit, and the thunder started rolling, Richard & I lept out of bed and started putting out the towels and pots under all the drips.

You cannot imagine the amount of rain that is falling, and the force of the wind blowing! We can hear cars screeching as they are blown across the road surface whilst the drivers are trying to control them. Frightening.

The cat decided that inside the house was for her - she has not been out for 36 hours. Goodness, she can cross her legs!

Xena has had to be sent out (she has epileptic fits if she does not wee often enough, would you believe!) and you have never seen a dog widdle so quickly. Nose into the gale and ears fanning out sideways.

The rain is being hurled against our house wall on the terrace side so forcefully, that it is being forced through where the panes of glass meet the beading in the patio doors, and dribbling down the inside!!! Never seen that before!Our poor palm tree is taking a battering - spending most of its time bent sideways. Cannot see Hérépian. Starting to lose sight of Capimont. Now cannot even see our neighbour's house!

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