Sunday, 5 October 2008

Woodsmoke In The Air

At the moment during the day, we have glorious sunshine and temperatures in the low twenties.

Yet how do I know that winter is upon us? Because virtually every French person we talk to, within the first two sentences, asks whether we have switched on our heating yet!

It was down to 3 degrees last night.

And it is going to freeze on our terrace tonight.

How do I know?! Because I mentioned to Richard this afternoon that he must not let me forget this year to dig up the geraniums to put into pots in the cave for over-wintering.

So it is BOUND to freeze tonight just to have a good laugh at my expense, before I have had a chance to do this.
Yesterday I popped down to Lamalou to get bread, amidst the sound of hunting.

And came across signs put out all along the road and in all the windscreens of the vehicles telling me Prudence - Chasse!

Health & Safety is arriving down here, it seems!

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