Sunday, 12 October 2008

Wifi or Iffy ?

Whilst at the house of a friend of LeeLee's for dinner, they set up their new Wifi.

Goodness - the girls made tennis, bowling and golf look difficult!
When we moved here, we got the girls a cat each. And they were trained to sleep in their respective bedrooms. The cats as well as the girls of course.

(Yes! You can train cats. At least, I have no problem doing so, but then the girls do say I terrify everyone!)

Well Smoky has never been a particularly 'loving' cat and I have never seen her sit on anyone's lap - including mine. Which has always surprised me since cats are supposed to do this....

Nic got a bit tired this evening and lay down on the sofa - and was asleep within seconds.

A split second later, Smoky arrived and immediately snuggled up on Nic's lap. And scowled at us all as we went in turn to look at this strange phenomena.
Where did it go?!

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