Friday, 3 October 2008

What the ?!?!?!

There we were, cleaning and preparing a house we look after. Richard was downstairs in the kitchen whilst I was on the middle floor.

When I heard strange noises in the ceiling above me.

Noises that basically said BLOODY BIG RODENT in the floor above!

What did I do? This has-been, high-flown, senior female executive?

I shouted RRRRICHARD of course.

And grabbed the mop.


Ann said...

Did you find out what the "critter" was?

Jacqui U said...

Nothing in the (humane) trap yet.....but the amount of noise it was making ripping up whatever it had found in between the floorboards in the bedroom above and the ceiling plasterboard of the room below, makes me wonder if it will actually fit in the trap!