Sunday, 26 October 2008

Tip-toeing Through The Leaves

Sunshine, a clear blue sky and a younger daughter asking what shall we do today?!

So into the car, and off to the chestnut woods we go. It was glorious. The light filtering through the trees. The autumn colours. As we walked along, it was obvious that the chestnuts were over their best and no longer worth picking off the ground. They were small, wizened and dull.

Then we would come across an area of large, plump, glossy brown ones buried in the leaf mulch! You just needed to use your sticks to find them - and to ensure that you were not disturbing a snake!Seems that there are lots of different types of chestnut trees and they 'fruit' at slightly different times. So another bag load of chestnuts for us to roast!

Here you can see where a 'river' forms when it rains - flowing down off the slopes, across the path and on down into the valley. Where the best fungi is found. But not today. After the drizzle we have had, mushrooms were appearing. But nothing would convince me to eat these ones!!

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