Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sunday, Sunday !

We LOVE sundays. Always have done. Always will.

It has always been a day that we have spent together as a family, lying in until late, eating a lazy and (usually) highly calorific brunch. Where the girls can lounge around not getting dressed, and generally we each do anything we want around the house. Like watching old videos/DVDs, reading in bed in the afternoon, etc.

Little has changed since we moved to France.

OK, the brunch has evolved away from the typically English 'fried-breakfast' towards slightly Franglaise adaptations. And one or other of the girls is usually rushing back from a saturday-night sleepover so as not to miss out on our sunday together.

But generally, heaven continues.

Today, Richard went and got a gros pain and 12 slices of bacon at the butchers.

(as he left the village he was flagged down and warned about les Flicks hiding in the that was one less speeding ticket for him!)

1. Divide the bread into four portions and split......
2. Fry the bacon.......3. Quickly pan-fry the sliced brie along side......4. Pile the melted brie onto the bread, then the bacon on top.....OK - for those of you with smaller mouths, cut up the bacon into smaller chunks!Heaven on a plate in the Upex household.

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