Friday, 31 October 2008

Scary Night!

A romantic dinner on our own for Richard and I tonight. Scary or what?!

LeeLee's boyfriend has invited her round for a Hallowe'en night of watching horror movies, with a large bowl of sweets. One slight problem....the boyfriend is scared of frightening films. But what the hey - that's love for you!

Nic is off to a double birthday party this afternoon, followed by a spooky Hallowe'en 'trick or treat' around to family/friends' houses in the village.

So what do Richard and I do?! Get ourselves the largest piece of steak you can imagine, open a bottle of red wine and make ourselves tournedos rossini (a meat-eaters heaven on a plate) plus potato cubes pan-fried with mixed wild mushrooms (Martine's speciality)! And a rich red wine and onion sauce! Yummy!OK. So the photo did not do it justice - but I had to be quick with the camera because we were VERY hungry!

Look what is coming our way! Getting seriously worried, Richard checks the Meteo France website and finds that we are on 'orange' alert for major storms. Rain, thunder and lightening plus the gale-force winds off the sea.

Oh, deep joy!

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