Monday, 20 October 2008

Out Of Date ?!

We are watching the pennies. Along with just about everyone else we know.

At the supermarkets, we keep an eye out for reduced price stickers, particularly on meat - since we have a large chest freezer that can hold enough food for an army!

Today we were at the cheese counter deciding what to stock up on for the week, when I glanced over at the dairy shelves.

There I saw a whole pile of specialist gruyere suisse (extra strong, artisanal) at less than half price.

All the packets said it had been cut from the whole drum of cheese on the 2nd October and had to be consumed by the 20th, today.

For goodness sakes - cheese matures! It does not go off that quick!!!

Richard and I had a delicious lunch - fresh gros pain, homemade chutney and a wonderfully full flavoured, mature gruyere cheese! Absolutely delicious!

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