Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Living in the countryside where nothing much happens, you get to be nosy. Yes - even us!

On his way back from getting the bread this morning, Richard found a couple of Pompiers' vehicles at the entrance to our village.

By the time he came into the house, these had increased to four. Then a gendarme car arrived ...... and a vet.Something was obviously happening. And it looked serious.

As we watched, our neighbour arrived at the scene with his big JCB and the Pompiers got out some strops and it was obvious that they were trying to lift something heavy in the field.

Usually there are four horses there. But none were visible this morning and we feared the worst.

It is a very steep field and very precarious. It was a dangerous operation taking a heavy vehicle down such a slippery slope.

After half an hour, three horses came into sight running around the field, but not the fourth one.

Another 30 minutes and finally a very muddy and dishevelled horse came into view, and the experts packed up and went on their way.

They were cheered by all the onlookers who had gathered on the main road to watch. I did mention that nothing much happens round here didn't I?!

In the afternoon, Nic was out in the village playing with friends and one of them mentioned that one of their horses had slipped in all the mud and ended up partly down a puit (well). It's position had trapped the other horses against the fence.
A long lie-in, a visit from her boyfriend and an afternoon snuggled up on the sofa watching old videos........LeeLee is feeling a lot better.

Hunger returned in time for dinner, so all is well!!

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