Saturday, 18 October 2008

Nature's Bounty

Today we went to pick up the keys for a new client who has asked us to look after his holiday home.

As we set off afterwards, I saw a bush on the roadside covered in fruit and shouted STOP THE CAR!

The first time I have ever seen a wild pomegranate bush! And it was covered in large fruit!I brought one home and cut into in. It immediately started 'bleeding' juice like I had never imagined. So much juice out of a hard skinned fruit.

Inside, the seeds were juicy if a little tart. Obviously I should have waited another week or so.....
As we were eating lunch together, one of the girls heard that the Jungle Book film was going to be on the TV that afternoon.

Amidst all their 'Ahs' and 'Oh goody, I LOVE that film, it was always my favourite' they started planning their afternoon snuggled up together on the sofa watching it.

(they are 12 and 18 years old for goodness sakes!)

Imagine their disappointment when the original black and white version with actors and real animals came on!

Then the frantic scrabble in all the storage boxes in our caves to find our own (albeit very worn out) copy of the original Disney cartoon version!

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