Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Magical Colours Of Autumn

The girls both decided to take pack lunches to college today, and so Richard and I enjoyed a day together!

After lunch we jumped in the car and set off for the chestnut woods. To walk the dog.

Of course we remembered to chuck the dog in the car before we set off!!!!

The colours of the leaves were gorgeous. And Xena was in her element, looking like she was in her natural environment. The track through the woods was littered with chestnuts which have recently started dropping. You start by picking up every glossy, plump chestnut you see - until you realise that you already have 1 kilo before you have walked 10 yards from the car!
Of course our sack had the added taste of spaniel slobber...... Today reminded us why we came here - thousands (if not millions) of acres of woodland as far as the eye could see. Absolutely magical. Our knowledgeable friends and neighbours also come here to pick mushrooms. The best are found in chestnut mulch we are told! Especially up these almost-vertical slopes.Somehow, I do not think we shall be able to stop Richard from lighting the fire for much longer!And how old was this chestnut tree?!You imagine that it would be a haven of quiet tranquility. How wrong you would be.

There were rustles in the undergrowth all the time and constant 'bombs' dropping all around us as the chestnut trees jettisoned their spikey parcels.

Xena even got hit on the head by one! And I came close a few times.
As we drove out of the village, I was fascinated by the vines - turning from green, to yellow, orange, red and finally a deep purple colour. All in the same field.

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Lesley said...

What lovely pictures! x