Monday, 6 October 2008

Ice cold Fridge

Eighteen months ago, we bought a new fancy fridge freezer. With ice maker and cold water on tap.

Extravagant, I hear you mutter. But since we have never had to buy one before in all our married life, we thought it was about time to splash out!

Our first F/F was a wedding present from Richard's sister - and what an incredible piece of machinery! It is still going strong after 27 years, although not very 'pretty' to look at since it is covered in rust!

When we arrived here, the previous owners of our house could not fit their old German F/F into the lorry and so left it for us. When it finally gave up the ghost, we had to bite the bullet and buy a replacement. We are certainly a 2-fridge family unfortunately!

Which brings us back to the new one we purchased 18 months ago.......

...... back in July, the fridge compressor started making terrible noises and then the fridge stopped working totally.

Checking on the Internet, Richard found that the parts were guaranteed for 2 years - so off he went to the shop. They contacted the maker for us, again and again, but no response came our way.

Last Friday we chased the shop AGAIN, who in turn chased the maker AGAIN and they finally agreed to send an engineer out this morning.

What happened?! Saturday morning the fridge compressor made a loud noise and started working again. After 3 months!!!!! Just typical!!!!

The engineer turned up at lunchtime, and a sheepish Richard explained what had happened. 'Always happens' was the reply and the engineer proceeded to fit a new duo-cooler unit which he had brought with him.

And the explanation was eye opening. Such a novelty to get an engineer who knows what is going on even before he arrives, and brings the necessary part to be fitted with him. We were very impressed!!

It seems the South of France is an area of relatively high humidity, and we all should buy the 'tropical' versions of fridges as are only available in Africa and the Tropics, and not (until recently) in France.

The cooler unit 'cools' to a very low temperature. Because of the humidity in the air, moisture collects in there and gradually forms a solid block of ice within the gubbins (technical term for the moving parts!) which then stop working. And the fridge compartment becomes just a fancy cupboard.

He fitted the replacement part - which now has the necessary extra few bits that the Tropical version of the fridge has always had. The new versions sold in France since we bought ours all have these extra bits now!

You live and learn.

Why did it start working again on Saturday morning?! Because we had a powercut overnight which allowed the iceblock in the 'gubbins' to melt just enough to allow the moving parts to start moving again.
Not a lot of people know that!
We had fruit as usual after dinner. LeeLee and I had bananas.

LeeLee peeled her banana and said 'This smells really banana-ry.'

Where did we get her from?!

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