Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Going Blind & Spreadsheet Fun

I keep thinking my eye sight is going.

I decide to move to another room in the house, and when I get there - everything is foggy and I have trouble seeing clearly.

Am I going blind?! Given that I wear very expensive, and very strong, contact lenses - an optician somewhere must owe me a refund!


Turns out Richard is going round the house gradually replacing all the lightbulbs with low wattage ones.

That's a relief!
I have a dream.

Along with most other people who come to France.

I would love to rent out a few rooms as a chambre/table d'hote and serve 5-course dinners.

Smart, elegant and friendly, with tasty food.

I would also like to run cookery courses during the winter months. You know the thing -Mediterranean Recipes Made Easy.

Anyway, when I have nothing better to do with my time..........I am writing the cookery course manual/recipes on the computer as well as setting up spreadsheets that list all my favourite recipes, with their ingredients and that work out the price, for how many people and the cost per head.

It is great fun programming all the behind-the-scenes code that will automatically update everything whenever I update the central 'ingredient price list'.

Shows you can take the girl out of IT, but not IT out of the girl!

Am I sad or what?!
LeeLee mucked us around today and I ended up having to go back to college to pick her up - only half an hour after I had dropped Nic off there for the afternoon. I seriously doubt she is my daughter.......

Anyway, on the way back in the car, the frosty silence was broken when she asked if I would stop off at Vetimarché so she could look at clothes.

(Yes, she still lives! Just!!!)

An hour and a half later (just when Richard was ready to send out the search party) we got back and sat down to tea.

On the TV there was a female presenter - and Richard asked what on earth was she wearing?! And that it looked atrocious.

Deathly silence from LeeLee and me.

And then I explained to Richard that the TV presenter was wearing a top similar to the one that LeeLee had just bought.


Explain to me again why LeeLee does not take Richard with her when she goes shopping?!

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