Saturday, 25 October 2008

Early Morning Sounds

We wake up to the sounds of hunting - dogs baying and gun shots.

It is the sound of the countryside here.

Our neighbour popped round this evening and gave us a share of the sanglier he shot. Learning (after 6 years!), we remembered to ask if it was a young one or not.

Oh yes, Eric said. It was a young one - so we knew we could barbeque rather than casserole!

When we asked whether it had been a successful mornings hunt, Eric did mention that he had shot at four but only hit the one.

No wonder there are plenty of wild boars around here!!!

Richard 'butchered' the sanglier in order to end up with several cutlets to go on the fire. All he had to say was - if this was a young one, I hate to think how difficult it would be to chop through the bones of an old one!! It was delicious.
Martine popped round and dropped off some cosmetic 'goodies' for the girls - her son works for a company at Avene les Bains. They were thrilled!

We are so lucky to have such generous friends and neighbours.

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