Thursday, 2 October 2008

Doctors & Potential Politicians

After my appointment yesterday, I have decided it is just not fair to have a doctor who is slim, good looking, incredibly fit AND older than you!

I have also decided that computerising French medical records was a very BAD idea since it now allows the afore-mentioned doctor to look back on all the weigh-ins you have had with him - and to tell you exactly how many grams you have lost over a year.

And who on earth has arthritis in their jaw hinge?! And in only one hinge?!
(No, it is not caused by talking too much out of the side of your mouth!)

And who on earth wants to take their shoulder, that has not worked properly since they fell down the stairs 5 years ago, to a sadistic physiotherapist....who happens to be a good friend of the Doctor?!

Nic came home, a budding politician in the making. She was elected today to be her class sous-délégé, and is over the moon.

LeeLee asked why on earth she wanted to be one? Our suspicion is that she wants to know what all the teachers say about the class in the meetings!

I love the voting system for these elections.

If the class argue over who should be elected, the Head Teacher chooses.

If there are two candidates with the same number of votes, the youngest candidate wins.

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