Thursday, 9 October 2008

Before Or After

It is that time of year when we have many bills to pay for our apartment in Lamalou including the Taxe Fonciere, the taxes de sejour and for our advert in the new curiste brochure.

Most of which means going to the Trésor Public.

Feeling very impressed with himself, Richard thought to check on their opening times before setting off yesterday morning.

TLJ sauf Merc AM it said on our information sheet.

Roughly meaning Toutes Les Jours except Mercredi AM.

Seemed straightforward enough.

So he did not set off in the morning but went down in the afternoon - pm rather than am, you understand.

OK then. Which of you clever-clogs realised AM meant aprés midi ?! And therefore that the Trésor was NOT OPEN WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON !

Liers - bet you thought the same as us!

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