Saturday, 27 September 2008

Never In A Month Of Sundays.....

....did we expect the credit crunch in the UK to effect us. How wrong could we be.

Late last month a bomb was dropped on us by our UK bank and we are basically in shock.

Many apologies for not blogging for so long - I will try and get up to date, but I am sure you will understand if I am otherwise occupied!
Our very good friends came round to tell us some wonderful news, but unfortunately walked in on us when we were feeling low and not ourselves.

They are very special people and took us out to lunch that weekend, which was just what we needed to take our mind off things. We went to the Petit Nice restaurant in Roquebrun. For the last 6.5 years we have heard so many people praising this place, but have never ventured there ourselves. Always thinking that the reality would not be as impressive as the hearsay.

How wrong we were. It was wonderful!

The situation overlooking the River Orb, the bridge, and stony beach. The food delicious - with portions so large that no one should risk anything but the basic menu! Look at the snails, and the puddings were to die for!The wine from the local cave co-operative - a perfect foil for the food.

Service - friendly and attentive whilst being laid back.

Definitely recommended !
Lots of English (and Scottish) friends have been staying locally over the last few weeks and we have enjoyed many evenings and meals together.

Each time, they have commented on our two girls. The fact that they sit down to dinner with us all, are well behaved and have excellent table manners. Are articulate with the adult guests whilst politely listening and waiting to be spoken to rather than butting in.

We are SO SO proud of them!

But it brought home to us how different it appears to be in the UK. That this behaviour is noted and commented on as unusual when down here it is the norm.


Lesley said...

Welcome back! I agree about the girls - they are great! xx

Jacqui U said...

We think so, although sometimes.......