Sunday, 28 September 2008

If It Is Good enough for Her Majesty.....

.... it is good enough for us!

Isn't it silly what you start to do when you have no money?!

Richard and I have taken to switching lights off in the house as we go from room to room. We ended up this evening eating dinner in near darkness before one of us plucked up the courage to go and switch the light on!

Now I know you will all tell me that this will reduce our EDF bill next year, but it is not actually going to help with paying the one this month, is it.
Deciding that we waste too much bread each day, I remembered Mum used to make a mean bread pudding in my childhood, which I loved.

So out came the recipe books and into the kitchen I went.

When it came to the line telling me to add the beef suet....I hesitated because I certainly did not remember Mum doing this! But, I reasoned, Reader's Digest cannot be wrong so in it went.

It looked a picture of beauty when I brought it to the table after dinner. The girls decided that abject poverty wasn't so bad given that I had produced an actual pudding for after dinner - we usually always have fresh fruit (we have to watch our weight, don't we!).

I cut slices and handed them round. The first mouthful went in ....and I spat it out. It tasted nasty. It tasted of beef suet!

The girls tried to persuade me that they could eat the top (which had brown sugar sprinkled all over) but I whipped their plates away. No way were they going to miss school with food poisoning!

So out came the fruit bowl. And into the bin went the bread pudding, along with the Reader's Digest cookery book.
Richard and Nic had kiwis.

I think Richard is becoming a 'South of France Man'. Look at the size of knife he used to cut off the top of the kiwi. And whose child is Nic?! Who on earth de-hairs a kiwi before they eat it?!


martin said...

We are so sorry that we did not get to meet you while we were in France. We already miss Lamalou. I hope that all works out well for you with your bank bomb. These are indeed frightening times.

Jacqui U said...

We are also so sorry not to have met you - but suddenly our summer got very busy and our Internet link almost non existent.

In the current climate, I guess you are probably relieved not to be embarking on a new adventure!

Hope everything goes well in the UK for you!